This project was part of a competition at my college called Branded. The idea of the brand is created by a business group  who then team up with a group of designers (me included) who then created the brand identity. 
Credit given to everyone who helped out on this  project.
Souk = “market or marketplace” 
The idea behind this brand is to aim to economically empower Moroccan merchants and citizens by increasing employment opportunities with an e-commerce platform that allows the sale of goods on a larger scale.
Our group first decided to try to figure out what font best fit the identity of the brand.
Color Palette 
From there we went into color palette to create a happy and inviting appeal that was full of colors from the actual Moroccan markets. 
Next, we moved onto the logo. The inspiration for the logo was looking at Moroccan doorways and taking inspiration from the shape. 
Final Logo
The last part of the brand design we created was the pattern. We also took inspiration from Moroccan goods and created different color pallets of the pattern.
Overall, working in a group of designers and business students was an amazing collaborative and growing experience. I gained excessive experience in working in a group with others and how come to the best solution for everyone. 

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